Govt. Brennen College, Dharmadam

Brennen College is one of the oldest educational institutions in Kerala affiliated to Kannur University. The Brennen College evolved from a school established by the English philanthropist, Edward Brennen, who had made Thalassery his home. He was travelling in a ship that met an accident near Thalassery and reached the shore half dead. He lived the rest of his life in Thalassery. This college, which is more than a hundred years old is one of the premier educational institutions in the state of Kerala.

Govt. Brennen College

In December 2004, the government of Kerala decided to bestow the status of University to the Brennen College. Currently the College provides 8 Post Graduate courses and 17 Graduate programs. It also offers research facilities in Malayalam, Hindi and Sanskrit. There are around 2000 students and 100 teaching staff in this prestigious institution.

Government Brennen College maintains its excellence in cultural and educational fields by competing with the private institutions. It should be remembered that this feat is achieved in spite of the political freedom available in the Campus. Both the student community and the faculty have contributed to this progressive achievement. The student community of the Government Brennen College include several distinguished luminaries.

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