Hockey became popular along with Cricket in Thalassery. Those who played cricket in the day time played hockey in the evenings. The umpire of both games was Sunny Master. The roots of hockey can be traced to the British era. The town hockey club and Catholic Hockey Club moulded the players. The hockey's stars of those days were Alfred Rodericlues, Thamburam Kandi Anandhan and M.A. Ramarishnan.


Players started organising on a league basis after the formation of the Thalassery United Athletic Club. In 1950 the Thalassery District Hockey Association was formed. The Thalassery St. Josephs Boys High School has contributed several stars to the state. Thalassery is also indebted to M.A. Ratnakaran for the growth of Hockey. M.A. Shivaram and A.P. Sunil were captains of the State Hockey Team.

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