Chess was born in Thalasery in 1974. After the formation of the Thalasery's Chess Club, tournaments were organised at junior and senior levels. Chess progressed in Thalassery under the leadership of N.N. Ahmed Haji. The Thalassery Taj Lodge which he owned became a centre for players in Thalassery.


As the facilities were readily available many players used to reach Thalassery in the weekends and holidays to play the game. One well known player was C.P. Chandhu Nair who invited several players to Thalassery. One of the milestones in the history of Chess in Kerala was the State Chess Championship organised in 1976. A. Shasshidharan of the Thalassery Chess Club was crowned the 'Chess King'. Those who earned fame for Thalassery in chess include V.P. Balaram, K.V. Mohanan and others. Thalassery also hosted the junior and sub junior championships.

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