Chirakka Kaavu

Sree Chirakkakavu Bhagavathi Temple is one of the oldest Devi Temples in North Kerala. The presiding Diety of this temple is goddess Kaali. The Temple was built by the then king of Kolathiri - Chirakkkal Raja and so became renowned as Sree Chirakkakavu.


According to established belief, the goddess Kaali appeared with her retinue where the Anjarakkandy river meets the sea. Her appearance was in the form of a divine fish. The place where the divine presence happened is now known as Vamal, the Sree Moolasthana of Sree Chirakkakavu Bhagavathi.

The temple festival is celebrated every year on days 9-12 of the month of malayalam month medam. (i.e. normally April 22 to 25th).

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