T V Chandran

T. V. Chandran is an Indian film director, screenwriter, and actor, predominantly working in Malayalam cinema.

tv chandran

He was born (23 November 1950) in Thalassery to Narayanan Nambiar and Karthyayini Amma. TV Chandran worked as a Reserve Bank of India employee before entering into the film industry. He started his film career as an assistant director to P. A. Backer and John Abraham. He also acted the lead role in Backer's highly acclaimed political drama Kabani Nadi Chuvannappol (1975). He made his directorial debut with the unreleased feature Krishnan Kutty (1981), and followed this with the Tamil film Hemavin Kadhalargal (1985).

Chandran is widely regarded as one of the finest directors in Indian cinema and is widely credited with having revolutionised parallel cinema with his complex-structured art-house films. Chandran has won several film awards including six National Film Awards and ten Kerala State Film Awards. In addition to these, he is a recipient of a number of awards at various International film festivals.

Chandran has also directed a few tele-films and tele-serials. Notable among them are the tele-film Varum Varaykakal, which won the State TV Award for Second Best Tele-film, and the tele-serial, Sadasivante Kumbasaram.


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