Subair was a Malayalam film actor. He had been part of Malayalam films for nearly two decades and has acted in around 200 films.


Subair was born in the village of Panoor in Kannur District, Kerala as the son of Sulaiman and Aysha. 

Subair started his career in movies as a film producer at the age of 28. He produced a movie together with four of his friends, but unfortunately the movie was never released. His first movie as an actor was Bharatham in 1991 which followed by the 1992 movie Manthrikacheppu. His break came through the character Kadayadi Thambi in Lelam. The Tiger, Bharathchandran I.P.S. and Pathaka are his notable works. He has also acted in a mega tele-serial named Vamsham telecasted in DD Malayalam channel in 1994.

Subair died on August 18, 2010 due to a cardiac arrest. He is survived by wife Dilshad and two kids Aman and Amina Miya.

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