Other Personalities


Mekkunnath Kunchikkannan Nair

He was a Malayalam Writer, Journalist and a Reporter of the Press Trust of India. He served as editor of ‘Lokasakthi, ‘Navabharatham’, ‘Udayam’ and ‘Kavyakanthi’ magzines. He was also at the helm of several cultural organisations.


O. Abusaheb (1916-1980)

He was born in Chettamkunnu, Thalassery. He researched on ‘Mapilapattu’ for some time. His major literary works include ‘Imamhasali’, ‘Chessum Chathurangavum’, ‘Futhful Gaib’ and ‘Arabi malayala Sahitya Charithram. He was the publisher of ‘Mujahid’, Arogyabandu and Vidyalayam magazines.

K.P.B. Patyam (1929-1969)

He is not a well-known person to the present generation. He had written articles for a premier weekly continuously during the period 1948-53 and his articles had attracted literary lovers a lot. He had worked as an associate editor for the publications like ‘Madirasi patrika’, ‘Jayakeralam’, ‘Lokavani’ etc. His work ‘Kanneerinte Katha’ was a article in protest against this cruel world. We can find a silent revolutionary poet in him who walked along with likes of Vayalar and P. Baskaran. He went behind scenes for more than 16 years and left this world after the 16-year-long reclusive life. His full name was Balakrishnan Nambiar. His poems were published as a collection titled ‘KPB patyam kavithakal’.


Kunchayin Mussaliar

He was writer in mappila literature and a native of Thalassery. He was the author of the ‘Arabi-Malayalam-Ganakavya-pustakam’. He also authored philosophical poems ‘Kappapattu’ and Mappily poems ‘nool maduh’ or ‘nool mala’.  Nool mala was printed from Thalassery.

N. Koyithatta

He was a famous Architect (Tachu sastra vidagdan). He wrote several poems in Mathruboomi. There are several anthologies of poems and collection of essays in his name. His collection of poems include ‘Navyabharatham’, ‘sukrithaharam’, ‘mukulamala’, ‘deepashika’, ‘pushpasayya’, ‘chitrasalabham’, ‘adaranjali’. His short poems (kanda kavyam) include ‘santhigeetham’ and ‘kashmeerinte kannuneer’.  His contributions to literary criticism include ‘Rajamargam’, ‘bamamandalam’, ‘ujwalasabdam’, ‘asante seetha’, ‘agnipareeshakku shesham’, ‘kavitha puthiya kazhchapadil’ etc. His works on linguistics and pedagogy include ‘Prayogashaili’, ‘Bashamanjari’. The works ‘soundarya lahari’, ‘adityasthuthi’ etc. were his translation works to Malayalam. He also authored books on Indian architecture titled ‘Indian Silpakala’, ‘Naveena bhoomi jathakam’ etc.  He also wrote a series of articles under the heading Indian architecture in ‘Kerala Patrika’ headed by Sri Sanjayan. He was a Teacher in Brennen School, Thalassery.


K. Thayat

K. Thayat, an Academician and Thinker who contributed significantly to the field of literature and culture, occupied a significant place among the academic intelligentsia of Thalassery. He contributed 15 works to the children’s literature apart from his 34 other books. He wrote commentaries on ‘History of Indian freedom movement’ for the children. ‘Nam Changala Potticha Katha’ is his major work.

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