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Thalassery is a place that gave birth to several writers and eminent personalities. There are several reading rooms and cultural organisations functioning in and around Thalassery. The 'Sahitya Samiti' which worked under the famous literary critic, Late M.S. Menon should always be remembered. When we examine the history of literary activities in Thalassery, we will encounter several literary luminaries with vital links to the Malayalam Literature.

The history of literature in Thalassery starts from Sri. Punathoor Raman Gurukkal. There are not many details about Raman Gurukkal who worked for propagating Sanskrit education by establishing a school near Thrikkai Shiva Temple at Narangappuram, Thalassery. Even in the 'History of Kerala Literature' by Great Poet Ulloor, there is only a small mention on Sri Raman Gurukkal.

In North Malabar, the first 'Kathakali Yogam' was organised by Sri Kunchambu, son of Raman Gurukkal. The history of literature in Thalassery, in fact, starts from Raman Gurukkal and Swetharanya Guru.


Madavil Kunchiraman Vaidyar (1823-1889)

He was the grandfather of famous satirist Sanjayan. His writings included ‘Sreeramodantham’, ‘Govindacharitham’ and ‘Thadaka Parinayam’.


Kakkuzhi Kunchi Bappu Gurukkal (1826-1878)

The Gurukkal was a Malayalam teacher at Brennen High School, Thalassery. He was a poet, musician and a great scholar. His main works include ‘Harischandracharitham’, ‘Bagavatgeetha’ and ‘Kilipattu’.

Madayi Mannan Gurukkal (1831-1864)

He was a Sanskrit scholar and a poet. He authored ‘nalacharitam’, ‘pathivrathadharmam’, ‘parvathiparinayam’ etc.


Midukkan Kunchikannan Gurukkal (1840-1895)

He is also known as Meloot Kunchikannan Gurukkal. He was a poet and had written several poems in Malayalam and Sanskrit.


Sahityakusalan M. Seshagiri Prabu (1855-1924)

Sheshagiri Prabhu who stayed in Thiruvangad was a scholar and essayist.  He was the author of ‘Vyakarana mitram’, Balavyakaranam, Vyakaranadarsham, Vatsarajacharitram, sreeharshacharitram, vedavyasan etc.


Parambath Rairunair (1861-1930)

Rairu Nair was a Malayalam Teacher at Victoria College,Palakkad. He was a Sanskrit scholar and essayist and the Chief Editor of the Magazine ‘Sahitya Chandrika’. He had written commentaries on the books of Neelakanda Deekshithar and Vedantacharya. He had also written in English in news magazines like Mail, Hindu and Asiatic Journal.


Vengayil Kunchu Raman Nayanar (1961-1914)

One among the noted writers in Malayalam, Raman Nayanar had written using the pen name ‘Kesari’. He stayed in Kapparatti house near Erancholi.


Thathakanaran (1862-1890)

He was the Headmaster of the BEMP High School. He had translated Sir Walter Scott’s ‘Lady of Lake’ as Sarobhamini Vilasam’ and Samuval Johnson’s Russelus as Rasaleshika.


M.K. Gurukkal (1869-1924)

He was a Malayalam Teacher in Brennen College. He was staying at Thiruvangad, Kooloth House. He was a Sanskrit scholar and opened a Sanskrit school named ‘Vidyarthi Chinthamani’ for the propagation of Sanskrit language. He was also the Chief Editor of the publication named ‘Gajakesari’. Sri Atmananda swamikal and Sri.  Vagbadanda swamikal took education  under him. His main works include ‘Kalavidyavavaranam’ and ‘Muktivivekam’.


K.C. Narayanan Nambiar (1873-1922)

K.C. Narayanan Nambiar stayed near O.Chandumenon’s house at Thiruvangad. He was a humour poet and had written a poem titled ‘vakeel bharatham’ about the advocates in the Thalassery Bar. He also wrote ‘Chakkeechangaram’ and ‘Ubayalankaram’.

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