N E Balaram


N.E. Balaram (Njalile Veettil Edavalathu Balaraman) was one of the founding leaders of the communist movement in Kerala, India. A Marxist ideologue, scholar in Indian Philosophy and a well known literary critic in Malayalam, he wrote on the history of the communist movement in Kerala, which is considered as the most authentic record of the early period. He also authored several works in History, Philosophy, Politics and Literature.

NE Balaram

A lot of political leaders in India have neded their lives as Sanyasis. N.E. Balaram's story is the opposite. He became a sanskrit teacher at the age of 13 and wanted to become a sanyasi. But then this did not happen. Balaram participated in the formative meeting of the Communist Party in his locality, Pinarayi. He was beaten up and put in jails several times. He has written several books and has an excellent knowledge in English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil and Sanskrit. He also knew Bengali. He left us in his 74th year on July 16, 1994.

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