PV Kunjhiraman


The puthiyaveetil Kunjhiraman was a great freedom fighter, trade union leader and politician. Despite being a freedom fighter he never applied for freedom fighters pension. He takes care of the accounts in some commercial establishments of Thalassery and meets the expenses of his family. During the Quit India Movement in 1942, Kunjhiraman who was an eigth standard student boycotted classes along with senior students like Tayat Shankaran and N.P. Govindan Nambiar.

PV Kunhiraman

In 1944 he joined the Royal Indian Navy and participlated in the Burma war. His ship attacked the apanese on the shores of the Iravady. Later his ship rescued a lot of people from Port Blair which was under Japanese occupation at that time. During the Naval mutiny in 1946, Kujnhiraman and few of his associates removed the Union Jack and hoisted the tricolour. Two of the importants events which pave the way for ndia's independence were Quit India Movement and Naval Mutiny.

Later Kunjhiraman reached Thalassery and participated in the freedom movement for Mahe. In August 1955, he led the team of the communist party from Malabar which participated in this struggle. He also organised the cashew workers. He did not enjoy any of the benefits which freedom fighters enjoy. He also remained away from power.

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