C K Revathi Amma


C.K. Revathi Amma belonged to a famous Thiyya family of Malabar. Revathi Amma, the daughter of Karayi Damayanthi was the grand daughter of the eminent merchant Karayi Bappu, who is said to have maintained trade relations with England. Revathy Amma's husband was the police commissioner of Mayyazhi and his uncle was the Mayor.

Her presence very much stamped on the political, social and communal spheres of Mayyazhi and Malabar. She started her public life attempting to emancipate the women in Mayyazhi. Her previous experiences as a social worker are often portrayed beautifully. She and her daughter contributed their ornaments to Gandhiji's Harijan Welfare Fund and he blessed them by placing his palm on their heads. Positions and fame sought after her as a social worker but she was mockingly nick-named as the 'stray goat of the bazar' by her own kith and kin. Thus she had to overcome so many severe tests of her times. In the background of an Anglo-French culture, she gained the status of a social worker and her life is amply revealed through her autobiography, Sahasrapoornima (completing thousands full moons).

The portrayal of herself as a daughter, wife, mother, and also as a social worker is done with much ease and grace. She pours into the readers the sweetness and bitterness of these real life roles. Her autobiography is an arduous outcome of twelve years' labour and she has an extraordinary view about its purpose.

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