Advocate P Kunjhiraman


As the first Congress Chairman of Telicherry (now Thalassery) Municipality, he figures in prominence in the history of Thalassery. He also entered the annals of Indian history of post- Independence as a member of the Constituent Assembly. As a representative of the people he got the unique opportunity to develop Thalassery & to serve its people in the capacities as Municipal Counselor, Municipal Chairman, Member of Legislative Assembly & Member of Parliament.

He was a staunch follower of Sree Narayana guru’s teachings & Gandhian principles. He thus upheld honesty & integrity in all his dealings. With a height of 6 feet he could thus walk with his head upright with no occasion to bow it before any allegations of corruption, nepotism, or favoritism by his political opponents. He thus proved to be a role model in politics.

Adv. P Kunjhiraman

He was born on 13th May 1895 at Thalassery. His Father was ‘Ponnambath’ Kanaran, an ardent follower of Sree Narayana Guru who contributed for the construction of the JAGANATHA TEMPLE at Thalassery. His Mother Karinjutty belongs to the famous Mambally family, which started the bakery business in kerala. Shri Kunhiraman was educated at Kanakamadam west Eranjoli elementary school, Govt. Brennen College, Pachiappas College, & Law College Madras. He married Ondyan Nelliyatt Sharada & have 6 children.

He became Counselor of the Tellicherry Municipality in 1931 & was associated with Municipal Council till 1942. He was elected as Municipal Chairman in 1938. But resigned the chairmanship in Aug 1942 as a protest against incarceration of the Congress leaders for “QUIT INDIA” movement. A week after his resignation from chairmanship, he was arrested & kept as a detenu for 2 yers & 3 months. At the time of his arrest his wife was pregnant but Shri Kunhiraman did not ask for parole or even an interview during the period of his imprisonment. During the 25th year of Independence he was awarded “THAMRAPATRA”.

After Independence as member of constituent Assembly he became Member of Parliament & elected as a member of the Communication Transport Road Committee of Parliament. He voiced for the renovation & extension of Railway station at Thalassery. In 1952 he was elected again as Chairman of municipal council & continued till 1955. In 1960 he was elected as member of Kerala State Assembly & chosen as member of STA.

After split of Indian National Congress Shri. P.Kunhiraman concentrated in social works. He was a man of courageous convictions. He consistently stood for the right & just cause. Apart from being a good lawyer, he is a friend of poor, a reformer & guide. His honesty, sincerity, devotion & punctuality made many number of organizations to urge for his leadership to guide & lead them. He was the chairman of many organizations in the public field of Thalassery, namely After care home, Abala Mandir, Guild of Service, Victoria Library, Hindi Prajara Sabha, Sri Jnanodhaya Yogam, Kadhi Village Industries Exhibition Committee, Govt. Hospital Advisory Board, Abaya Niketan, Kannur Mahatma Mandir Construction Committee etc. In the education field he gave a pro-note to ensure that construction of Brennan College should not suffer due to shortage of fund to be given as public share. He supported prohibition & picketed Toddy shops. In the Malayalam Literary field he contributed short stories. A compilation of the short stories written by him was published in 1935.

He died on 18th June 1976. But the people of Thalassery still remember this noble soul, who devoted his life for them. In the Eid TV program of the year 2006 one Muslim lady was recollecting the efforts put in by him to arrange food for them during the Hindu-Muslim riot of 1970’s. In 1995 his memories were cherished by centenary celebrations. On the Republic Day of 2006 Telicherry Municipality honored him by giving his name to the road leading to the Civil Court.

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