Everybody heard the word computer virus. But how many of you heard about Email hoax?

Almost 100% of the people who is using E-mails might have got Email hoax and without realizing it they would have forwarded it to friends also.

What is Email hoax?

An email hoax is a false email message warning the recipient of a virus that is going around. The message usually serves as a chain e-mail that tells the recipient to forward it to everyone they know.

Most hoaxes are easily identified by the fact that they say the virus will do nearly impossible things, like blow up the recipient's computer. They often claim to be from reputable organizations such as Microsoft and IBM, but include emotive language and encouragement to forward the message which would not come from an official source.

Email hoaxes are usually harmless, and do nothing more than annoy people who know it's a hoax or waste the time of people who forward the message. However, a number of hoaxes have warned users that vital system files are viruses, and encourages the user to delete the file, possibly damaging the system.

CLICK HERE for some of the infamous hoaxes.

We are requesting users that if you receive any of these type of emails, please delete it and DO NOT pass it on as this is how an Email hoax propagates.