Adi Ulsavam

The Mavilai kavu Adiulsavam is seen only in Thalassery. It is celebrated in the month of Malayalam month 'Medam' (April). The festival is also a time when families get together. The Daivatar are the main god of this festival. The new deity was installed in Makara month (Malayalam) in 1092 when the Mavila kavu temple was renovated. The Adi takes place on Medam 2 and 4. The elder member of the Valiaveetil selects those who are participating in this festival.

mavilai kaavu adi ulsavam

The festival can be traced back to a time when the Daivatar used to visit the kacherikavil temple. At this time two nambiar brothers were also used to visit the temple. The Namboodiri of the illam who was carrying the rice threw it among the two brothers and asked them to fight for it. The brothers started beating each other. When Daivatar saw this he intervened and stop the beating. This is the legend behind the festival. People come from various parts of Kerala to see this beating festival where the kaikollanmar after undertaking a fast, fight with each other standing on shoulders.

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