Thalassery - Town Bank

The Thalassery Town Bank is continuing to climb the steps of prosperiety with its selfless service and contributions to the life of people in this town. This bank has been functioning for more than 36 years.

When essential commodities became scarie during the second world war and prices rose, a group led by Kinnathi Narayan formed the PCC society in 1946. The society became a Rural Bank when the distribution of rice under the public distribution system was stopped in 1956. From 1974 March the bank started progressing very fast. In 1975 the Rural Bank became a Town Bank. The election held after the emergency in 1977 saw E. Narayanan became the President. The Bank also had a working capital of 30 Lakhs which it increased to 16 Crores in the short period. The town bank Auditorium built by bank is a shining symbol of Thalassery today. This hall now hosts marriages and cultural programmes. A payward was built in Thalassery hospital for poor patients in the name of former MP, Patiam Gopalan. An intensive care unit was established for the sake of heart patients. As part of it social activity the bank established a Childrens Park near the Thalassery Court. The bank now has 10 branches with 150 employees. Thalassery will forever remember Thalassery Co-operative Bank for its great service.

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